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[shouting]. melissa: union anger explodes in michigan. the state passes right-to-work laws, dealing a huge punch to union power. but they are not going down without a fight. the economic fault lines could spread across the country. also, "money" tonight, a crash for gas prices. they are tumbling across the u.s. it's an early christmas gift for drivers but we'll tell you if the relief will last through the new year. >>> pepsi is crazy in love with beyonce. the music icon inks a $50 million deal to pitch its products. can she really make you stop drinking coke though? i say pepsi just got hosed. but a top marketing expert is here to disagree with me. even when they say it's not it is always about money melissa: firss, let's look at the day's market headlines of the leave it to congress to suck the air out of a good thing. stocks soared in early trading on hopes of a deal on the fiscal cliff. but a parade of speeches by congressional leaders this afternoon dump ad whole lot of water on the rally. stocks pared back from session highs. dow closed down 78 points. even dollar stores are ha
cars. thanks to a union-backed arbitrator. as you know, chrysler borrowed more than $11 billion as part of the auto industry bailout. that is what your tax dollars are spent on. how is it possible these guys are back on the job? joining me author of the state of the union, phil dine. thanks for coming back on. let's get right to it. how is it possible? >> good to be with you, melissa. who knows. this is, first of all this is not a union-backed arbitrator. what this is, is a union and a company-backed arbitration process. the contract calls for a certain process just like our legal system calls for jury trials. we may or may not like the outcome in any one trial or any one grievance process but neither you nor i heard the evidence. melissa: well, i mean, i saw the reporter and read the report who has been covering this story and he says that% they went into arbitration and had a lot to do, if you really drill down on statements -- >> i just lost you, melissa. melissa: oh my goodness. the gremlins are in the system to nile. phil, can you hear me. >> now i can. melissa: so, phil, he was sa
job. up against the education blob that his job of the hunt teachers' union comment janitor union, bureaucrats they're resist change that is why -- while i was excited charters schools. schools could experiment the parents would see how much better it could be and kids would benefit from the innovation. it is not happening. sometimes. but the center for education reform says the charter movement has gone wrong. what happened is an example. >> my group have put together an application to start a charter school and we have been repeatedly stonewalled 57 because of your own daughter's experience you've got together with people and said we will start a charter. >> the first application was 100 pages could. denied. >> they said there was not a need we had typographical errors in the application. john: wouldn't mcdonald's like to say that to rger king? >> yes. john: you try again. >> we fixed them and we got more people involved and we needed to show more apppparent support. the first application had 70 letters the second was 125 letters still denied. john: six times. this is typical. >
'll explain how a looming union worker strike could sink businesses across the united states. >>> the major sports leagues do a touchdown dance after a federal judge's ruling. their lawsuit to spike sports gambling in new jersey get as crucial green light but new jersey isn't taking it sitting down. details how that state is fighting back and preparing to give vegas a run for its money. even when they say it's not, it's always about money adam: thank you for joining us. we want to look first at the day's market headlines. stocks slid for the 30 straight session. mediocre holiday seas and deadlock over fiscal cliff gave investors little to get excited about. the dow fell 24 points. the so-called fear index or the vix, soaring more than 4%. fiscal cliff concerns pushed the index to the highest level since july. one bright spot though was on the housing fnt. the monthly case-shiller report found october home prices rose 4.3% mpared with a year earlier. the data giving a late sign of recovery in the housing market is actually gaining traction. first our top story, president obama, cutting his v
dispute. glad we're not only ones that have those here in america. the union wants 5%. the union hasn't ruled out a traditional strike but said it wouldn't happen until next year which is two weeks. david: also off the desk, how about some chicken potato chips and pepsi all rolled into one? lays which is owned by pepsico rolling out a brand new pepsi chicken flavored potato chip in china. actually this combo may not be so strange. chicken cooked in cola is common dish in china. lays launch as new flavored chip each year i don't think i would have it. liz: we hope you have a good weekend. >> i'm adam shapiro in for melissa francis. here's what's "money" tonight. the great pork giveaway. the senate is ready to vote on a $60 billion package for hurricane sandy aid but guess where a big chunk is going? long term infrastructure projects. is this going to the people and businesses who desperately need it? >>> plus black box recorders may soon be mandatory in all new cars. a dream for safety regulators and insurance companies but will it leave drivers privacy totalled? we'll explain. >>
the executive vice president of the national taxpayers union. and a economist with pioneer investment. sam, let's start with you. we keep hearing if you tax the wealthy it really doesn't have a negative impact because one, the wealthy take tir tax refund and save them. they don't spend them. is that not accurate? what is the negative implications of taxing the wealthy? >> i think anytime you take money away from anybody they are obviously going to have less money. the quesestion whether the wealthy spend their money or save it, i think that is a tougquestion to answer, because if you look at where people will be taxed, a lot of people will be spending money. they will not save it. i think it is assertion that is dangerous assertion to make. adam: pete from the national taxpayers union executive vice resident. a lot of what the president says, if you tax couples making $250,000 or more, individuals at 200,000 or more, you're only taxing the wealthy. there was a study that shows a third of that actuall is small business and you're passing that on to small businesses which employ over 50% of the
and their own union. i don't know if they realize therare millions of unemployed workers out there. we'll debate it coming up. >>> is fracking the key to u.s. energy independence. a new study says absolutely not. is the controversial outlook right? we'll drill down on that one. even when they say it's not it is always about money melissa: first let's take a look at the day's maet headlines. stocks look exhausted after a week of fiscal cliff fueled volatility. the major indices swayed between positive and negative territory closing the day mixed. the dow eked out three points, three. while closing out the month of november down half a percent. >>> you know the global economy is in trouble when even taco bell and kfc have trouble making money, right? shares of their parent company yum! brands dove nearly 10% today. the company warned fourth quarter sales in china, their single best market, would likely slide. >>> u.s. consumer spending fell for the first time since may. the 0.2% decline in october partially being blamed on the impact of superstorm sandy. why not. >>> starting off tonight, taxes ar
that it throws a down the drain giving it to the union's who ruined it in the first place. >> don't fund the problem. find the solution. that means if you see something terrible of the world, poverty you have to say our not just give money to anti-poverty but give money to organization and has a way to tackle the issue. john: how do know it will work? goldman sachs puts up their own money. john: you will give them yoga and meditation therapy? it sounds like nonsense. >> think of the people of connecticut they have been and trauma. it could be behavioral therapy that is what we talk about. it is remarkable what can be done. john: what is goldman bent $10 million? >> alatas studies on this specific intervention says it works well for this 6318 population that is being treated as adults in the adult jail. john: you have volunteers in this did in vermont? >> good ideas with this of what we're talking about i hope this comes out good but a gooddea is spread because they want to start their own versson so volunteers in medicine say free clinics can help those without insurance as well as obama
union, a status quo power. this is country in real distress. melissa: how much time do you think we have and what is the iranian connection? >> we're about 15 years or so the north koreans and iranians have a joint missile program where the north koreans develop the technology and iranians pay for it. shahab 5 and 6 of iran is the north korea's type dong missile. clearly the north koreans have sold this before. they will definitely try to sell this to the iranians. it is up to us to stop it which means we might have to interdict shipping. >> not a leap to say they were there in attendance, they were cheering them on, that they would be perfect customers? >> the iranians have been on site for all five long-range missile test. they have been on sight in north korea for the two nuclear debt nations. -- detonations. these are two countries working closely together. melissa: what can we do to stop this because we're not doing much to stop anything around the world? >> we cut in 2005 north korea from the global financial system. those were extraordinarilily effective. we lifted them at the beh
of dollars, that's about how much it is going to cost our economy every day in the a union makes good on its n threat after port strike. will uncle sam have to step up and break the picket line "pil of money" coming up. melissa: turning to the middle east and syria, the united nations wants $1.5 billion to provide life-saving aid up to a million syrian refugees the magnitude of this humanitarian crisis is indisputable but how and to whom should this money be distributed? with me now is walid phares, fox news's middle east expert. welcome back to the show. >> thank you. melissa: we look at the video of everything that is going on there and especially you see the horrifying pictures of kids crying and running and you know so many ople need help and need food. >> yes. melissa: and you want to do something but it's very difficult to figure how, you know, especially when you have a regime that is intentionally blowing up bakeries and delivery trucks. what do you think? how do we get this done and should we? >> first of all the food. we have two options. let's talk money in addition to strategy. i
a very at the same time, it is about about 800 members of a clerical union are working related to thepo. it is that they make $87,000 a year. $41 an hour. when benefits are factod in they have annual compensation of $165,000 a year. they are the ones started this strike because they feel over time their jobs will disappear as th work is automated. the longshorem joined forces wh them in support of them. what do you think about the case that they're making? >> not going toake a side in this negotiation. i have feelings for both sides. our goal is to get them together, workit out, and get us all back to work. melissa: what does it me tousinesses in the aea when you aren delivering goods on those tcks? for example, what would you have done in the past cple days that hasn't gotten done? >> there is hundredsf containers sitting the harbor that we haven't delivered. i've got manufactured goods going to a warehouse that distributes them all or the uned states. it is not getting their goods. their suppl chain has dried up. you've got consumer goods that are certain to h t elves at christmas. w
in the a union makes good on its new threat after port strike. will uncle sam have to step up and break the picket lines? "piles of money" coming up. as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please? melissa: turning to the middle east and syria, the united nations wants $1.5 billion to provide life-saving aid up to a million syrian refugees the magnitude of this humanitarian crisis is indisputable but how and to whom should this money be distributed? with me now is walid phares, fox news's middle east expert. welcome back to the show. >> thank you. melissa: we look at the video of everything that is going on there and especially you see the horrifying pictures of kids crying and
but other winners in this will be the union pacific, the kansas city southern. up in canada we have both the canadian pacific and canadian national who are looking to double their rail shipments of crude oil next year. adam: is this an efficient way to ship oil? there has to be cheaper way to do this? i would imagine an investor who can get in on that would make even more money? >> no doubt it is much more expensive to move oil by tanker car rather than pipeline but the fact of the matter is we're not going to build any pipelines from north dakota through the rockies over to california. nor are we going to build pipelines across pennsylvania, new jersey, to the few refineries on the east coast. so these guys are going to be sitting with rail supplies for quite some time. adam: okay. we talked about the rail companies. who else. are there smaller companies i might be able to start researching to invest in that will part of this $45 billion bonanza just next year? >> if we look to the pipeline companies, there is a number of big winners there, starting with enbridge pipelines because they
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)